Scene and Heard – CCCLXIII: Mr Grey –  Pirate Signal (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pirate Signal coverIn many ways Mr Grey is a testament to the power of the visual aspect of a song. Without a video, it is still a great song, a slick, well-conceived and fairly restrained alt-rocker, one that chimes both with modern music senses and also carries a weight of rock history along with it. Add the video, a dark and beguiling animation and it becomes something much more.

The song is lyrically quite vague, though wonderfully poetic, leaving you with many questions as to what the song is about and the video answers none of them, not directly anyway. But that said it is a hypnotic visual journey, gaining in intensity as the song reaches its crescendo. The great thing about such an approach, is that the listener is free to interpret and attach meaning to the song and video in any way they see fit. It almost doesn’t matter what the band themselves want to say in the song, its message is not controlled by the sender but by what the receiver thinks it means and that is always preferable to having things spoon fed to you, don’t you think?

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