Scene and Heard – CCCLXIV: Unbreakable –  Dee Hemingway (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

26167471_1652676628144376_5736590731732916192_nTaking a dash of classic rock muscle, smooth soulful vocal deliveries and infectious R&B melodies, Unbreakable is a song for the here-and-now but built on some already familiar sounds. Which is, of course, perfectly fine…in fact it is more than fine, especially when the end result is such a deft blend of styles. It is also a song with an optimistic message, a song which advocates personal strength, of not only being who you are but being proud of the fact too.

It hooks, it swaggers, it rocks and it certainly grooves, it is accessible and it actually has something to say for a change but it is also cleverly put together, sassy, soulful and groovesome, and it adds a powerful lyrical astuteness to the rock canon, a genre which very often is happy to deal in empty thoughts and shallow sentiment. But not this time, Unbreakable is a poignant torch song, a beacon and rallying point. If ever there was the need for an unofficial national anthem then this would take some beating.

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