Rules of the Jungle – Chitarra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You have to have rules, I guess, but don’t they also say that rules are made to be broken? And what is interesting about Chitarra’s latest release is that it seems to follow both of those lines simultaneously to some degree. Yes,the song is built on some clever pop structures, spacious R&B grooves and no shortage of impressive vocals, but Chitarra is also obviously an artist more than happy to, if not quite break the rules, certainly bend them to her own will.

And so it is that Rules of the Jungle both conforms to certain expectations and also heads off into some fairly uncharted musical territory. There is the clever use of dynamic, for example, which sees it wander from strutting, confident sonic highs to lulling and sparse minimalist lows. It employs sounds which, quite naturally, reflect the jungle vibe which the title suggests but it also wraps some lush, almost neo-classical vocals around these tribal urges.

It is a wonderfully strange mix of sounds, it certainly beats its own path through the musical landscape and does so using both conventional methods and highly creative new approaches. But more than that, its shimmering, hypnotic rhythms are nothing short of infectious and that, more than any other factor, is why you will keep hitting repeat and grooving along it.

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