Dune Shadows – Mister Red (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a point where chilled dance music and a more ambient, cinematic vibe seem to merge into something which is the best of both worlds. It is music which takes the beats and energy of the former to give it a rigid structure and then uses this as a framework on which to drape the more fluid and transient sounds of the latter. Mister Red’s Dune Shadows seems to exist in exactly this place.

And as the title suggests there is something arabesque about the music too and it is this western clubland groove coupled with the more exotic flows of music, this east meets west, this blending of occident and orient, which makes for a cool signature sound. 

Horizon lays out an indication of the sonic road that the e.p. is about to takes us on, a cool collision of energy and ecstasy, tune and chill and it is between such parameters that Dune Shadows weaves its magic. Istas is a shimmering mix of bubbling rhythms and drifting, otherworldly sounds, March of The Sidhs plays with cool dynamic shifts and floating musical nuances and the whole is rounded off with Red Kawayo’s haunting elegance.

House music takes many forms, and for every fast paced, four to the floor, late night euphoric charge there are ten more that take more interesting forms, Dune Shadows is certainly one of those.

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