Lavender Love Song – Lokye (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Too many people limit their creative potential, seeing themselves as perhaps pursuers of specific artistic paths, as painters or musicians but generally not both, and within those broad realms happy to draw even more demarcations around themselves..rapper, bassist, water-colourist and so on. But it is the people who see things more holistically that are the truly interesting ones, the people who understand that such terms describe only the tools, the means to the end and that real creativity lies within, in the imagination and the expression and they know that an artist should allow themselves to be free to use whichever creative tool, follow whichever creative path, best suits their needs at the time.

Lokye strikes me as being someone who falls into the latter category. An abstract artist from New York City now located in the small town environs of Hamtramck but with his own gallery, which goes by the  very cool name of Granny’s Chandelier which to me sounds like it could have been found in a different era and different continent, namely  in the Carnaby Street of Swinging Sixties London.

But the reason I have come across him is because he also uses music as a creative outlet, making a gorgeously chilled blend of soul and pop infused with smooth hip-hop beats and dripping with cool, trippy ambience. You have probably heard music like this before, it isn’t like he is massively breaking new ground, but then again not everything has to, and it is enough that he makes this style of relaxing music better than most of the competition. 

And that is the art of it really. It’s all very well heading out into uncharted territory and finding new parts of the creative map to explore, and I’m sure that he does that through his own artwork and his gallery too. But sometimes it is just about improving on what has gone before, of taking something familiar, putting your own personality into it and just doing it better than the competition. And that is what Lokye does so well on the delicately titles Lavender Love Song. Fresh but familiar too. The perfect blend.

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