Gedanke – Vincent Krennerich (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If there is a gap between the saccharine rush of pop, or at least popular musical styles, and the more deft and considered compositions that exist in the orchestral and classical worlds, then perhaps it is artists such as Vincent Krennerich that are the bridge between the two. Although he is very much employing the musical tools and styles of the latter, there is an easiness and accessibility to his music which, perhaps doesn’t quite add up to anything you might call pop music but which resonates with the same pleasing qualities.

Gedanke is a graceful and gracious musical triptych, instrumental piano pieces which occasionally blossom into fuller, more dramatic expressions before dropping back into the gorgeous minimalism which they grew from. Olivgrün, is a wonderfully understated flow of chiming notes, gentle sonic drops of rain cascading through the musical space and the title track is similarly spacious until it nears its final destination when it is shored up with sweeping strings as it presents more confident and dominant sounds.

But it is Das Tal which is the real talking point, again the trademark spacious, shimmering piano but now wrapped in long, languid washes of strings which are further enhanced to the point where they seem to border on otherworldly choirs and ethereal orchestration before resuming the more genteel sonic journey characteristic of the rest of the music found here.

Classical music? Perhaps, but that is often a word which frightens a lot of people who consider themselves modernists. But Gedanke is modern music, it just happens to just be using different musical tools than those the pop-pickers are familiar with. But the bridge these three songs spans between the classical world and the pop market place, between past traditional sounds and forward thinking ambient music is the perfect place to cross and explore sonic pastures new.

Whether you are classicists looking for something lighter but just as emotive as the music that they would normally be listening too or the mainstream consumer of pop and rock who knows that there is more to music than four-four beats and throw away lyrics but doesn’t know where to start their lateral journey, this is for you.

And everyone else for that matter. Pop(ular) music has never been this elegant nor classical music this accessible.

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