Itch – Sonya Teclai (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The great thing, well, one of the many great things, about Sonya Teclai’s latest single, is the way that it wanders such loose, smooth and sensual lines but simultaneously plays with interesting drum patterns and slightly, and certainly purposefully, off-kilter grooves. You would think that the latter approach to the beats which underpin the song would disrupt the flow of the soulful sonics. Actually the reverse seems to be true and this strange and intricate pattern actually adds to the mystery and the allure of the piece.

Without these tumbling and initially unpredictable beats, Itch might become just another soulful, pop ballad, albeit one built with a wonderful approach to minimalism and a gorgeously unhurried vocal delivery. But the atmospheres generated within, what at first might appear to be random gaps, and the anticipation built from such unusual spacing, only adds to the power of the song.

And finally, when you have played Itch enough to fully understand just how planned and clever it all is, that anticipation is replaced by appreciation, an appreciation of just how well-thought-out and unconventional such a collection of rhythms is and how it ultimately adds mystique rather than confusion to the musical proceedings. Sonya Teclai is not in the game of being second-guessed and Itch is all the proof you need.

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