Rodeo – The Impersonators (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

With a title such as this you might be expecting something country-tinged, a slice of southern fried rock ‘n’ roll or perhaps more bluesy to wander out of the speakers once play has been pressed. Oh, no, here The Impersonators opt for something that wanders the pop-rock boundaries, a neat blend of fluid guitar work, wandering synths and punchy lyrics, pop melodics and crunchy, rock moves.

Add to this a certain, fist in the air, anthemic quality, a real end of set stadium banger…to use the parlance of the more youthful readers out there… and you have a song which seems to tick a lot of boxes. 

Lyrically the rodeo in question is obviously a clever analogy for relationships and the bumpy ride that they often prove to be, musically it blends and blurs the generic lines and in doing so seems to fit neither into one genre or another and you would be hard pushed to settle on a musical era either, the song having sonic qualities which seem to fit anywhere in the last four decades.

Some songs don’t age particularly well because they evoke a specific sound or style or scene. Rodeo seems to ride above such fad and fashion and as such should find itself benefiting from a musical longevity that most artists would give their right arm to obtain. 

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