Landslide – Heistheartist (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Most people opting to cover a Fleetwood Mac song tend to head for the bigger, better known, late seventies mega-hits. They may be globally known and already have a mass of fans but I would argue that there are few artists in the world than can ever do such songs justice.

Heistheartist is smarter than most, choosing a song from their earlier, eponymous album from 1974, the one which marked their transition from a cult blues band to pop-rock royalty, which shows a discerning ear and impeccable taste, a song who’s understated charms are perfect for his style.

Landslide was essentially a duet between Nicks and Buckingham and is built from two, intertwined vocals and a deft, finger-picked acoustic guitar. Heistheartist makes a great job of bringing that dulcet and delicate sound into his own musical camp and the song echoes with the perfect heady combination of Mac’s nostalgic grace and his own clever reinterpretation. Definitely a case of if it ain’t broke…

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