Like all the best musicians, Larry Jay doesn’t fit neatly into any one easy pigeon-hole or generic label. Drunk on Dreams certainly finds inspiration in country music, but as a New Yorker relocated to California Jay also pulls in influences from outside that particular musical heartland too. It has pop immediacy as well as an independent musical spirit and perhaps could better be called Americana, which is a broad and much debated label in its own right.

He has been described as making music built on “five chords and the truth” which seems perfect for an artist who has a country core but adds almost as much again from outside influences.

Drunk on Dreams is, as the name suggests, optimistic to the point of being euphoric, perhaps something that we all need a dose of in these dark times and musically it pushes a country music format through a pop prism to produce something that will appeal to the Nashville purists as much as it will to the commercially minded pop-picker. I guess you call that the best of both worlds.

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