Runaway – Hollis Jordan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Taking a cool R&B vibe, a latin-infused groove, soulful vocals and putting it all through modern, dance floor sonics, Hollis Jordan knows how to take classic contemporary music staples and reinvent them for the current climate. Runaway brims with as many classic musical sounds as it does modern tropes, it is the successor to 70’s sensual soul, 80’s underground pop, 90’s R&B and 21st century club culture, finding favour with the old-school groover as much as with today’s dance floor divas.

Zaire Danaé’s vocals are the perfect counter-point to Jordan’s, providing both smooth and soulful harmonies built on grace and sweetness and also more street-wise interludes revealing a swagger and attitude which add a new and unexpected element to the song as it heads towards its resolution.

The charts and mainstream playlists seem to be swamped with the same old identikit pop sounds these days, faux Whitneys and fake Britneys seem to abound, so perhaps it is time for something new, a slight change of direction, a new take on what pop music can be about. Perhaps it is time for songs such as Runaway and artists like Hollis Jordan…what’s the worst that can happen?

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