Ride Together – RMA (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Having more than proved that it can hold its own in the modern electronic music scene with All Of My Love and a deft remix of To My Heart, RMA returns with another slice of incendiary dance music. Designated floor fillers need to be infectious and easy on the ear, groove-aware and full of life, Ride Together does all of that…and more.

It brings something to the clubland sonic arena that shows just how smart the people behind it are. Dynamics! Yes, with an exclamation mark…what of it? Whereas many people making music for the nightclub dance floor set find a groove and then max it out like Kim Kardashian with a new credit card, RMA increases the power of his pounding grooves by allowing the beat either side of it to occasionally cool, introducing almost ambient lulls to match the sky-scraping highs.

Anyone can string some sort of beat together…well, almost anyone. But what RMA does is take his already smartly constructed mega-grooves and make them feel even more intense by placing them next to contrasting sonic shapes, thus turning their already impressive sounds into world beating, galaxy busting musical mountains. And that’s clever. I mean really clever.

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