Absolute Boys – Soft People (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

This record begins as an 8 bit, 80’s dreamy pop thing that morphs into a whole host of alternative higher energy pop worlds.

There is clearly a thread of queer disco about it all which isn’t a bad thing. It has a feeling of a safe sound space where you can be yourself, unconsciously exuberant and free.

Wish II is poetic and captures that feeling of early mornings after excessive late nights or confused experiences.

Vocals throughout, have echoes of Matt Johnson, Bryan Ferry and David Sylvian and the melodic and rhythmic feel of the album bounces around between memories of Pet Shop Boys, The Commotions and can even feel quite Europop in places too.

Interestingly, the one geographical nod that does not come across at all is America. It’s the least American thing I’ve heard this year. It feels like these guys may have divorced themselves from an outsider’s notion of what America is. Or maybe it’s a metaphor for hiding a truth about what America may have become. That is somewhat artistically interesting in itself.

The final track, Embering has a real quality to it. It’s well produced and has a much rangier guitar element that identifies the track clearly as a finale. If I get to hear future work from Soft People, I’d like to hear more of this guitar work.

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