In My Head (Big Room Extended Mix) – Nathassia & D3FAI (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What happens when you take one of the most happening Dutch electronic music artists of the moment, the hottest Argentinian dance producer of the day and throw all of their skills and imagination into one track? Three and a half minutes of euphoria and bliss, energy and impulse called In My Head, that’s what. Not only that but an extended remix for the Big Room clubland experience.

Frederico Frangala aka D3FAI has been cutting a swathe through the electronic dance music world for quite a while now and here he turns his attention to a fairly hardcore techno sound, one which is full of energy and edge, big beats and bombastic breaks. But he also allows enough space for Nathassia to add her intoxicating voice and seductive vocal charms.

Last time Nathassia passed my way was 6 years ago and then I described her as “Tori Amos for the Kiss fm generation” and “PJ Harvey for the club environment,” and I still stand by those comments. Pop purists might have something to say about such hyperbole but even when she is part of such a high-octane collaboration, there is still something otherworldly, outside the box and unique about what she brings to the experience.

I also said that her music represented “The new face of dance culture?” Well, she has been around long enough now to be a regarded more as a stalwart of the scene but the music is no less exciting and influential than it was back when. The future is still looking bright, actually it’s probably looking even brighter. 

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