10380921_319569401541487_7647161662058554333_nWell, it worked for Natasha Khan, mixing pop, electronica and mood altering subtexts. But whereas Khan as Bat For Lashes reinvented Kate Bush for the late night, post-clubbing come down, Cosmic is Kate Bush remade for the club experience itself. Tapping into her cultural roots,  half Dutch, half Indian, has resulted in a mix of clinical euro dance beats tinged with something less tangible,  more mystical wandering through the spaces between.

It is Tori Amos for the Kiss fm generation, PJ Harvey  for the club environment. On the outset it may seem as if you have heard it all before but successive listens reveal hidden depths, mesmerising musical layers that demand examination beyond the hedonistic and throwaway nature of the environment they have been created for.

The new face of dance culture? A beat fusion of orient and occident? Pop with a music degree? It’s all that and more.

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