I’m not quite sure where you would place this in the scheme of things but I know that I love it. And that is all that matters, right? Right! Relativity is built around a series of pulsing, slow, melodic synth soundscapes that occasionally act as a vehicle for beguiling, sparse and hypnotic lyrical drifts, which in themselves are as mesmerising as the music washing about around them.

Time Will Wear You Down is a cool slice of cinematic ambience, the vocals feeling more part of the instrumental soundscape than any real direct communication and Start Living Outside of Time explores the same bass groove and digital dance beat combo which worked so well for the likes of New Order.

And then there are the gorgeous tones and textures of Do You Know, a song which seems to ebb and flow, float and swirl rather than come at you with any fixed purpose or deliberate delivery.

Definitely, a record whose rewards are magnified with each successive play, as each repeat seems to reveal hidden sonic depths, broader creative ideas and higher musical objectives…it just grows in stature the more you begin to understand it. Put in the work and this record moves from being a cool and understated gem to an ambient and off-beat future classic. Relatively speaking.

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