The term pop-rock comes with a lot of baggage, suggesting lightweight rock or pop music with the desire but not the nerve to go out and play with the big boys. But The Orange Goodness could easily be labelled as such, but they are also so much more than that. It is just that their pop element is infectious, funky and groove fuelled and their rock leanings are raw-edged riff-a-ramas, the sort that makes you want to shake your ass as much as punch the air, it’s as much about foot-on-the-monitor deliveries as it is about the audience cutting a rug, throwing some crazy shapes and wigging out…or whatever the kids are calling it today.

Trust It’s True is built of punchy, staccato riffs, full of musical punctuation and sonic punch, Peace of The Moment is conscious funk for the modern age and For The Love of It sounds like the sort of thing that Prince might be writing now if he was still with us.

Broadminded rockers will love it, pop-pickers will dig its grooves, funksters and soul aficionados will see it for what it is…the way forward.

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