Frost – Undermine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The fact that Undermine comes from the same city that brought us the likes of The Dicks, The Huns, Blaze, Butthole Surfers and of course the legendary 13th-Floor Elevators, might explain the sound that they have cloaked themselves in. Then again, maybe they are pissed off and up for a fight…sonic or otherwise.

Frost is a snarling beast of the track, it comes out of the musical traps with teeth bared, firing off brutal salvos of incendiary guitars and riding a wave of tsunami beats. This is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders. Punk squared!

The fact that just at the first play, the music envelopes you and carries you along on its creative wrath so much that you want to take on the world…or at least throw your TV out of the window means that I’m too afraid to play it again…I haven’t got the time or money to set up an anarchist’s cell and take on the government, where would I keep all of the Molotov Cocktails and subversive literature for a start? But if you are thinking of doing so, Undermine might just become not only your new favourite band but the soundtrack to your revolution.

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