Life Without Adrenaline – Diemen Sniep (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

I don’t know if Noise Goth is a thing but if it wasn’t, it is now.

Diemen Sniep tap into a rich seam of haunting melodies that are ultimately consumed by noises both clean and dirty and culminate in a soundscape of immense scale, richness, depth and breadth.

Rich percussion abounds on this recording and it feels both shamanic and demonic at times.

Guitars merge with vocals and drums coalesce with big electronic orchestral hits. It’s difficult to know where one instrument ends and another begins. Each track feels like a temple of sound.

Each temple has its own cavernous spectral signature. Each signature has its own emotional voice and each emotion has its own unique outcome.

If anyone ever makes a new biblical epic movie, this offering would provide a suitable soundtrack but there won’t be much space left for dialogue. This area is FULL.

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