Rainbow – Brooke Josephson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rainbow is a song about healing. Inspired by an unexpected and sad experience which her young daughter went through at school, Brooke Josephson found the response, or at least a teaching moment in a fragment of a Harry Chapin song…“There’s so many colours in the rainbow, so many colours in the morning sun, so many colours in the flowers, and I see everyone, ” and from these words her own song took flight.

Rainbow is upbeat pop at its finest. A song built on energetic guitars and straight-forward beats, infectiousness and easy groove, is built on memories of the past and hopes for the future and delivered via gorgeously uplifting lyrics and anthemic deliveries. Stadium pop? Yes, indeed.

But more than that, this is a rallying call. One which asks us to celebrate our unity as a planet and also our diversity as people. A rainbow, after all, is more beautiful for its myriad blends of colours than it could ever be if it was only one hue. It’s simple when you think about it.

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