Kicking off with the now-familiar strains of the Free, a song that throbs with the same dark energies which Neil Young’s Rocking In The Free World rode into the realms of the iconic, Two is a perfect showcase for the wide and creative spectrum of Matthew Austin Hunt‘s music.

On the one hand, there are songs like the opener, the full yet mid-paced grandeur of Change and the funky breaks of Healin’ Time, on the other there are spacious and subtle numbers like Questions. But it is the blends of the two extremes which mix and merge on songs such as Going Home and Fun On The Bayou which make for the perfect middle ground. But which ever realm Hunt walks, he does so with the utmost confidence.

And it is this ability to walk fine lines between sounds and styles which means that he is going to find a wide audience for what he does. Country fans will love the grooves and relatability, folkies will appreciate the rootys vibes and the storytelling, alt-country fans the more rocky and less conformist moments. And the music is so easy on the ear, so accessible that even the pop set will find themselves throwing a few shapes and singing, not to mention swinging along. It’s hard to think of anyone who isn’t going to love this album.

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