If ever a song was the sound of the modern clubland dance floor it is this. It seems as much built of sass and energy as it is with music and beats and with a video comprised of Day-Glo flashes and searing visuals, it is the perfect shiney object for the current crop of high-octane music magpies. Music can be staid and serious, poignant and poetic of course but sometimes you just want something to distract you from the grind of daily life, something to loose yourself in on a Friday night as the club kicks in to life, something that is more of a soundtrack or a sonic escape than anything particularly meaningful. And for those times, Mr. Fix It is exactly what the music doctor ordered.

And I’m not in anyway belittling the songs integrity. Being entertained is a vastly important aspect of life and the people who can, however briefly, make you forget your worries are to be applauded. Keeping the mind happy, the soul nourished, the body pumping those natural happy chemicals, is as necessary as those who make us think or enable us to pay the bills. Mr. Fix It is sort of the opposite of an isolation tank, it still takes you out of the real world for its duration but it does so in the most gloriously vibrant, energetic and fun way imaginable.

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