Queen of The Party – Bobbo Byrnes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anyone who name checks Kerouac as a philosophical mentor and Springsteen as sonic benchmark is always going to be okay by me. Last time around I noted some cool Steve Earle influences and infusions going on in Angelia and this latest song does little to change my opinion of what well-worn records are probably in Bobbo Byrnes vinyl collection. Then again why would anyone want to do that?

Queen…is a cool collection of mellifluous folk mandolins and shimmering country guitars, a tale of small people looking for their place in a big world drawn from a wonderful and intricate sonic palette. It gently lilts and soothes as it reminds us that you have to get out there and live life to the full.

Does the Queen of The Party realise her dream? Was she alright…as her Mama predicted? And where did she end up? Who knows! The important thing is that she went out and embraced possibilities and potential, and hopefully lived life to the maximum. And so should you.

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  1. mellifluous?!? Making me look up words. Thank you for the nice things you say Dave. It’s always great when you feel like someone “gets” what you’re doing. Danke!

  2. My pleasure Bobbo, I always like to throw in a few archaic words, keeps everyone on their toes. Glad I seem to be on the same wave length and keep up the great work.

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