Light After Loss – Meghan Pulles (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m always interested to find out just what genric description an artist is happy to use to describe their music. Most generic descriptions are limiting at best, at worst irrelevant, but occasionally you stumble across a gem. Meghan Pulles has used the term “emo-positive” at times to describe what she does and I find myself liking that term a lot.

Hear the term “emo” and your mind immediately conjures images of black clad, guy-lined, youths moaning about being treated unfairly for being the weirdo at school or how mean their parents are…after all, why should they have to clean their own room? Meghan Pulles takes the idea and flips it on its head. Emo is short of emotional right? And her music oozes emotion, self-exploration, soul-searching and reflection. It is the quest for silver-linings put to gentle acoustic folk music, its is the search of positive in the aftermath of relationships, the soundtrack to growing as a person. 

What doesn’t kill you, emotionally speaking, might make you stronger, it certainly makes you a better songwriter and Light After Loss is just such a sentiment put to an achingly gorgeous, instantly relatable song.

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