New Horizon feat. Craig Sayer – Meghan Pulles (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although Meghan Pulles has used the term emo-positive in the past to describe her music, with this latest single she wanders into territory which might be better termed cosmic country cool. But if it is country then it is wrapped up in a whole host of interesting indie traits and purposeful pop poise. The cosmic edge comes from the dreamscape that the song seems to cocoon itself in, the drifting nature of the music, the blend of ambient ease, and lilting country-pop grooves.

And the positivity of the track shines out like a beacon. A song about finding a new home, making a fresh start, embracing change, of leaving old lives behind. Even if you don’t take the song literally, it is a perfect analogy for accepting the new normal which we are all slowly emerging into.

A gorgeous song, one that hops genres and blurs sonic lines. But then again, all the best music does.

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