Redemption Road – Greg Smith (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Greg Smith has charmed us with deft and delicate singles for a while now, so a full-length album from him is the perfect way to spend more time appreciating his skills. And Redemption Road is a very skillful offering indeed. He cuts his songs from just the right amount of sonic material, lush acoustic guitars forming the most obvious platform for his tasteful voice to dance gently across.

In My Dreams echoes with a Harry Nilsson vibe, high praise indeed, The Bridge is woven from strands plucked from a wider sonic spectrum, a blend of more ornate textures but never feeling anything but beautifully underplayed and Ten Sinners is a collection of engaging narratives, brooding, distant guitars and intriguing sonic riches.

A gorgeous album, a great display of Smith‘s many talents from composition and song-crafting to technical ability and delivery, and an album that you should add to your collection immediately.

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