Those who are aware of Nelson King‘s musical output rate will find the title of this album somewhat ironic, there are few artists out there today with either a similar work ethic or the ability to deliver consistently great sonic goods. And although we know that he can turn his hand to everything from rock and roll grooves to folky vibes, songs with a pop sensibility to pure acoustica, here we find him heading into new territory. Well, newish.

A bluesy vibe has never been far from the surface of Nelson’s work but here, armed with a 3-string, cigar box guitar made specifically for him, he embraces an old school blues vibe as a way of giving this new addition to the musical arsenal a good spin around the musical block to see what it is capable of. And, in Nelson’s hands at least, it is capable of great things.

Engine Running stomps and struts in a way that answers the question of what ZZ Top would sound like if they were actually from Guildford and the beardy, Texas thing was all a gimmick, I’m Blinded is more reminiscent of the melancholic mood that true blues rose from and the title track is a blistering blues salvo that acts as the perfect opening shot for this album.

Long Time Coming is raw and raunchy, emotive and energetic, sitting at the point where blues birthed rock and roll, wielding the emotive smarts of the former coupled with the grind and groove of the latter.

Is there nothing that this guy can’t turn his hand to? It would seem not!

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