Hindsight – The Catalina  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is something wonderfully anthemic about the way The Catalina put their songs together. It proves that impact is often much more than just punch and power and that even when working in a pop idiom, you can still make a big sonic impression. And Hindsight makes a very big sonic impression indeed.

It isn’t about volume or piling on the layers of music, there are times when Hindsight seems gossamer thin and wonderfully delicate. The art is in taking the sonic dynamic from such lulling lows to sky-scrapping highs which creates the wild ride and Hindsight is just such a musical rollercoaster.

It proves that pop music can carry itself with just as much “foot on the monitor” swagger as rock music does and it can look as cool as any fashion conscious indie band whilst doing it. It also proves that pop music can compete with both those genres with ease and do so without having to carry around any well-worn cliches or tatty sonic baggage, without having to resort to worn out gimmicks or overused ticks. It can do all of this and not even break into a sweat!

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