I’m not a fan of covers, not really. Whichever path you take, you loose, generally speaking. Remain too faithful to the original and people question why you even bothered reworking a song if you are going to bring nothing new to the table. Get too creative and you risk accusations of arrogance. Did you really think that you could improve on the original? Well, do you? It’s nearly always a lose-lose situation.

The art is to walk a fine line, one which is faithful to the original idea but which still manages to explore some of its sonic goodness and which pushes a few of the original boundaries. Thankfully that is what Deadlight Holiday manage to do here. Lullaby is a tricky song to cover, not so much technically but, like all Cure songs, there is a quintessential, British post-punk vibe to it, one which is cool and quirky, slightly tongue in cheek yet creepy and unsettling.

Thankfully, they manage to pull off that rarest of tricks maintaining its essence whilst pushing the guitars to rawer limits and introducing all manner of digital effects and sonic affectations. The result is a denser and darker take on this classic, one which seems more diabolical than the merely unnerving, but pulling back from taking things so far that they might be in danger of pushing things into the realm of pointless metal parody.

Also, check out the club mix which is also doing the rounds, a filthy, disco death-dirge if ever there was one.

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