Pass Me Another Drink – Country Goldd (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

These might be dark times but sometimes you just have to realise that most of events happening around you are beyond your control anyway and so perhaps you should just get on with the business of the day. Especially when the business of the day is partying! Pass Me Another Drink is, as the title neatly suggests, a paean to good times, to celebration, to raising a glass to today, to living in the moment and not giving a second thought to tomorrow.

Solid beats drive the fun along, verses evoke the party vibe, dexterous lyrical flows set the scene and rap salvoes help fix the drinks, and cool choruses get us in exactly the right mood. Drinking might not solve anything, in fact quite the opposite, but you also have to live life to the full. The same problems and responsibilities will still be there when the hangover wears off but for now, let’s cut loose and live for today. And when you want to do that I know the perfect party music.




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