Queen & Slim – Hi Love (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Inspired by the romantic drama of the same name and based around a sample of Kanye West’s Bound 2, which is why it might sound familiar to you, this latest single from Hi Love is a gorgeous R&B affair. A totally modern sound, smooth, sensitive… sensual even… it also echoes with sonic signatures from the past, everything from 90’s R&B to 80’s hip-hop to 70’s soul.

But the song’s heart resides very much in the here-and-now and as it grooves and meanders its slinky and silky way from the speaker to the listener’s ear, it is hard not to fall for its earthy charms. It’s a song that communicates with you not only on the usual sensual level but seems also to talk to the heart, and even the soul, with equal passion.

Taken from Hi Love’s latest EP, Cold Wind, it acts as the perfect calling card for her music and as a great teaser for that 6-track offering.

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