BAD BOY – Buni Milani (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Buni Milani’s latest track is a wonderfully strange and beguiling experience. Whilst being built from all the musical building blocks that you associate with modern pop and dance, it moves at such a slow and sultry pace that it seems to be creating a new genre as it plays out.

Ambient R&B? Is that a thing? Maybe this is the start of a whole new sound. Spoken as much as it is sung, full of booming bass pulses and skittering trap percussion, isolated and plaintive sonics, it seems to crawl and swagger rather than groove and pop. And what might, to some at least, seem to be a detraction becomes the song’s greatest strength.

Perhaps it is the courage to use space so readily which creates this new vibe. For it is in these long and languid pauses between the beats and the well-chosen spaces between the vocal deliveries that anticipation grows and atmospheres blossoms. So, ironically, whilst there seems to be very little happening in the song, you hang on its every note and nuance. Less, as they say, is definitely more.

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