Boat of Love and Other Songs – Ortansia (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The world is a small place. Both in terms of geography and the way that cultures impact on, and cross-pollinate with each other. And this can only be a good thing for music, for it gives us artists such as Ortanasia. Tokyo based and with a voice grounded in operatic and classical styles, her totally modern age means that she is just as at home making music that wanders across any and every sound and style, everything from European style jazz to EDM drive dance sounds to music inspired by oriental traditions.

If Boat of Love sounds as if we have been transported to a French cafe in the Bohemian Quarter of Paris in the 1950s, by contrast, Love’s Kalidescope is a beguiling mix of Indian raga beats and washes of modern electronica which act as a musical vehicle for her sensitive and sultry voice.

Think of Me wraps bubbling futuristic beats round what otherwise be a bluesy torch song, all brooding cellos and emotive passions and then at the other end of the spectrum we find Dance With Me, a dancefloor instrumental slice of EDM.

Ortansia is the perfect example of an artist moving with the times, just as at home with classic, and indeed classical, styles and able to cross genres, eras and cultures at will, often within the same song.

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