Open Up Your Mind – Second Hand Mojo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The most surprising thing about Second Hand Mojo, having been immersed in their Southern-fried swagger, their low-slung, country-blues infused sonic stance, their anthemic, foot-on-the-monitor blend of power and poise, is when you find out that they are not, as you might have assumed, from the deep south, but the cold north. Detroit to be exact. It might be a place more associated with the birth of Motown and revolutionary rock’n’roll, but here’s a band which remind us that geography often has little bearing on a band’s sound.

Open Up Your Mind is a cool slice of stadium-ready rock, a sound which harks back to the mid-seventies but which never went out of fashion. And why didn’t it go out of fashion? Well, just listen to the gang vocals, the driving riffs, the neat key change drops, unexpected lulls and changes of pace, the incendiary solos and that effective and infectious chorus. You’ll be singing along way before the song reaches its conclusion, trust me, I’m a journalist.

Reason enough? I think so.

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