Best Friend – KoKou Kah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There has always been a sweet spot to be found between the exoticism of African music and the more direct nature of western musical approaches and that is exactly where you find KoKou Kah and his latest release Best Friend. Infused with some deep rooted grooves and dexterous bass lines, Best Friend is also light and accessible, a song with, perhaps, hidden depths but also easily approachable.

Delivered in a sung meets rap style, a combination of dexterous flows and smooth tones, fast deliveries and easy on the ear delicacy, Best Friend is indeed a flexible beast. It is immediate enough that the mainstream groovers and shakers will be all over it, it will appeal to the world music pop pack by virtue of its Afro-beat lilts and nods to more soulful grooves and the R&B set will be be hot for its sultry, sensual dance floor moves.

Modern music is the sound of cultures fusing, styles blending and creating new sonic off-spring. If you want to know what that sounds like, just keep playing Best Friend until the penny drops!

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