10849827_1576863992546455_7476813666281453843_nIt is not hard to see the spirit of Power in The Darkness era Tom Robinson floating around between and behind the songs that make up One Real Big Identity Crisis. That same psych-folk turns agit-pop feeling seems present in many, though lyrically less political and often more musing, occasionally even whimsical. There may be a less visceral, go for the throat guitar style at work here but The Permanent Smilers do manage to put their foot on the pedal when the songs demand it and still be suitably restrained in the quieter middle of the album, songs such as Rebel and particularly Ghosts, with its late night jazz trumpet interludes.

The overall sound is one of clattering, boisterous pop with the emphasis on truly infectious melody, assertive delivery and a meandering approach to genres. If the view outside their Norfolk window may be flat and featureless, their music is anything but.



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