Eddy Mann is the voice of calm that we need in the world right now. As storm clouds gather, ever darker, as the world seems an ever more divided place, songs such as One Day and the previous Listen and Love, have a sort of healing quality to them, a calm, a songs which are aimed at nothing so perfunctory as the brain, but instead sing to the heart and serenade the soul. They are songs of faith but which seem to advocate a broad, universal spiritual church, one of unity, a place of tolerance, understanding, togetherness. Who couldn’t do with some of that in their world right now?

One Day is woven from deft, finger-picked notes and gentle philosophies, from lilting melodies and poignant messaging, of accessible acoustic-pop and folk dexterity, of poeticism and poise. And as always, although his message is as sublime as the music which delivered it. We live in a world where belief systems all too often collide, faith causes friction through some notion of unbending polemic, entrenchment and  intolerance, but who can’t get on board with a song which basically says, good things come to those who wait, and in the mean time just be patient: no matter what your definition of “good things” might be, it is an attitude which would certainly benefit the world.

And musically there is lots to love to. Subtle cascades of restrained notes fall into understated rhythms, straight to the point beats and unfussy bass lines carry things along and considered piano notes add just the necessary amount of additional sonic weight. Add to this some liquid lead guitar and a soothing and sweetly seductive voice and you have the very definition of what music sounds like at the point where discerning acoustic pop meets graceful folk.

Folk has always been the perfect vehicle for telling stories, for being poetic and poignant, pop has always been a more immediate and accessible form, One Day is the best of both worlds.

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