14610993_1215839788480878_3412889816577109409_nWhenever I see a review of any of Eddy Mann’s extensive back catalogue the opening paragraph always relates to his beliefs, his role as a worship leader and often uses the label Christian music. Why do we need such a handle to explore his music? After all did we label The Beastie Boys as Buddhist Hip-Hop or feel the need to identify Billy Joel as a secular pianist? Coming purely from a musical perspective surely the songs should sell themselves? And indeed they do.

The Consequence wanders down some very lyrically personal pathways for sure, any music worth its salt does, but lyrics are all in the interpretation and if people come away with something more relevant to their own lives then that is just as valid, surely? Message aside, Eddy musically references some classic singer-songwriter styles, not least the poeticism of James Taylor and the clean-limbed minimalism of David Gray or Damien Rice.

Americana, roots-rock, folk, acoustica…call it what you want, it meanders around all such labels, if labels are even necessary but more than anything, what The Consequence continues to showcase is Eddy’s ability to craft and deliver affecting songs, songs that are deceptively simple, elegant and delivered in a comforting and supple voice.

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