Listen and Love – Eddy Mann (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s a simple message but then those are always the most effective. Less is more and all that. But it is also a very fluid message, one applicable to the smallest, most intimate as well as the most world changing and relatable of situations. Although Eddy Mann’s music is an extension of his own faith, the message is a universal one, poignant and pertinent to everyone no matter what path you are on. Quite simply the art of listening, to each other, to our communities to other countries, and to the sound and serenity of the natural world, from the highest voice to the lowest whisper, seems to be something which we have lost, something which is the key to understanding the world around us and making it a more harmonious place to be.

Eddy’s thoughts on this deft and delicious acoustic pop-folk slice focus, lyrically at least, on the natural world, the world which we should never forget that we are part of. It’s an ever changing place, a vibrant place, a place of wilderness and wonderment, of inspiration, if you should only chose to look for it, a place in constant conversation with us, sadly all too often in a very one-sided fashion.

It is a suitably up-beat and jaunty song, one with the air of celebration but also a reminder of our small cog in a big, natural, incomprehensible machine status. But rather than belittle man’s deaf ears and short-sightedness when it comes to these natural wonders, rather he invites us to look and learn (and love), to embrace and marvel and through such connections hopefully start to see that bigger picture.

What that bigger picture is, depends on what you bring to the song as a listener or perhaps how open your mind is. A higher power, a cycle of natural laws, faith or physics? It really doesn’t matter at this point. The song is a call to appreciation. Appreciate the natural world and all manner of things start to happen. We begin to better understand our place in the world and in doing so make it a better place to call home. Perhaps through such appreciation we also start to see a bigger picture; perhaps holy, holistic, natural, created, spiritual, special, it’s up to you.

The great thing about Eddy’s music is that he never preaches, never forces his thoughts on others, rather he invites us to see the world as he sees it but only through joyous suggestion. And all the time his ideas and ideology are underpinned by fantastic music, music which blends the best of pop infectiousness and folk deftness, music with both lyrical depth and easy accessibility. When was the last time a song gave you all that?

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