Down The Drain – Clara Zimm (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something old-school about Clara Zimm’s voice. Like a mid-twentieth century, European diva meandering her way through polite society and cafe culture, tugging heartstrings with the depth and emotion, regret and romance of her lingering and languid torch songs. But in contrast musically speaking she is about as modern as you can get. And it is such a meeting of nostalgic vibes with future vision, of the image of iconic and troubled diva with cutting edge pop star which makes her music so intriguing.

She seems to deftly hop from one world to another, wandering shadowed soul-blues pathways as easily as she might assail the modern music industry, blending mystique with modern magic, lingering heartache with dream-pop vibes. There has long been a love of the retro soul reinvention from Amy Winehouse to Adele but none of them quite mixed timelines as eloquently as Clara Zimm does here, one foot in a black and white movie soundtrack, the other stepping toward pop chart ascendancy.

Future-nostalgic pop? Is that a thing? It is now.

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