No Kingdom – Cyborg Asylum (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Cyborg Asylum has always wandered between timelines and done so effortlessly. A band making music predicting the future yet inspired by music of the past. Leaning on post-punk sonic pioneering styles whilst making post-futuristic moves. Using cutting-edge digital technology to update and upgrade a sonic movement which began in the late 70’s. Artists based very much in the here and now painting dystopian visions of what might be on the horizon.

And it is the same with their music, a complex web of influences and infusions from post-rock majesty to the clinical coolness of new romanticism, post-industrial rock to alternative electronica, all combining to make music running a gamut from blistering, incendiary electronica to gentle, futuristic dance music. And it is the latter end of the spectrum that we find No Kingdom, a gently swaying, skittering beat joined by white hot guitars, burbling underpinning electronica and glorious synth washes.

But it’s a beautiful contradiction. It’s pace and melodicism suggest a more chilled out dance vibe but the banks of raw-edged guitars push things into more epic realms too. Dance music writ large? Electronic rock with a clubland pass? Industrial grit polished to perfection? Who really cares? All that matters is that Cyborg Asylum keep upsetting expectations with such fascinating and unique music. 

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