Invincible – Cyborg Asylum (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have always loved Cyborg Asylum’s future nostalgic blurring of time lines. Future because their music always seems to be the soundtrack to some dystopia cataclysm yet to happen, the rallying cry for the under dogs in some yet to come Big Brother, oppressive police state. Nostalgic because whilst pursuing those futuristic visions, they also seem to be inspired by those early, post-punk pioneers who in laying down guitars and turning to the emerging keyboard technology, ushered in a whole new musical era.

Those with a working knowledge of musical history will recognise this song as being a one time hit for Pat Benatar, co-written by Simon Climie, of Climie Fisher fame, and again it is this merging of that recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee’s stadium anthemics and the latter’s songwriting deftness which beats at the heart of this post-industrial re-imagining.

And it is this balancing of past sonic infusions and brooding music visions, rock power and post-punk poise which plays out in their music so brilliantly. Invincible, as the name suggests, is a brilliantly rabble-rousing  call to arms, one which may be based around bleak dystopian imaginings but which is just as applicable to the world that we live in today.


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