Vamanos – Bloomr (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There has always been a sweet spot to be found between rock weight, indie cool and pop infectiousness, and the search for it has become a legendary quest for a sort of sonic Holy Grail. It is only in such sacred places that the effect of these three influences mixes with perfection, a heady blend of commerciality and integrity, of addiction and authenticity, of style and substance. And if Bloomr hasn’t stumbled across just such a place with this latest single, then they have certainly got a lot closer than many in recent times.

What is so great about Vamanos is that although it moves with plenty of rock swagger, you can’t help but fall for its easy contagion, it may have all the right indie moves going on but it also delivers a song which plays by enough mainstream rules regarding accessibility, groove, sass and sheer boogie-billity (it’s a word, I looked it up) to mean that it could easily make a Trojan horse like assault on chart territory.

This isn’t the first time that rock warriors, earnest indie-kids and pop-pickers have all lined up behind the same record, but it is such a rare and wonderful thing that it warrants acknowledgement. So this is me acknowledging something a bit special.

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