Norma Jeane –  Alisa Chirco (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Box showed Alisa Chirco’s more understated moves and Give Me More was about the big pop statement, it is certainly to the latter that she looks for the sound of the latest single. It crosses chart accessibility with some less obvious, underground grooves, and the result is the sort of single that is destined to spend a short time as the treasured possession of the cool, off-grid clubland scene before breaking into the mainstream in no uncertain terms. Well, that’s what would happen if there were any justice in the world. But if there were any justice in the world I’d be married to Jenny Lee Linburg, living in Berlin and writing sci-fi novels for a living. I can but dream.

Sorry,  back to the music. Norma Jeane takes a classic pop sound and puts it through the modern music machine to turn it into something which is both familiar and comforting yet cutting edge and of the moment. Pop music has become very formulaic of late and whilst Alisa Chirco isn’t exactly ripping up the formula, she is at least taking it apart and putting it back together in new and interesting ways. How many artists in similar fields can say that?

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