Case of the Tuesdays – Pistol For Ringo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Mention the term ballad and the mind conjures all manner of schmaltz and kitsch, poodle-haired would be rock deities and piano plonkers. But Case of The Tuesdays is a ballad, though one that thankfully doesn’t realise that it is and so forgets to follow the rules. Collective sigh of relief. There are no big crescendos, no romantic couplets rhyming moon with June, no long over-laboured love lorn alliterations..opps. Instead there is mood and darkness and more than a hint of tragedy. More than that there is honesty. Whereas most songs of this type exist in some sort of Hollywood romantic blockbuster cocoon, Case of the Tuesdays mirrors real life, talks of downward spirals, hitting rock bottom and then hitting the bottle.

Sounds like fun, eh? But for all its all too poignant, all too raw doses of reality, it’s a cool little number, one that seems to run on understated, jagged-edged, garage rock riffs and lyrics delivered in a knowing, suitably world weary, sort of a way. And that’s what makes it great. It doesn’t hold back, the video underlines the melancholic mess of the whole situation and it portrays the world as it, sadly, is. When reality bites the Ringos bite back!

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