A few months ago I reviewed an album by STANLÆY called The Human Project, it was more of an art piece in that it took in performance art, videography and the ‘album’ was merely the soundtrack to this piece. It was strange, unnerving and unlike anything I had heard before, so with eager ears I was excited to hear what she had come up with in the following months.

Her new EP, ‘Rif’ is just as beguiling and feels like walking through a hall of mirrors where what you expect is often different from what is in front of you.

We start with a synthy opener, moody and atmospheric before we head off into more fairy-like sounds set against guitar and strings. Her music is similar to a misty forest, the sun just catching the ground, bringing the floor to life, welcoming new sounds and smells, but also bringing that feeling of menace and danger.

Some will find the music an instant turn off, it manages to dodge convention and relies on patience to find it’s audience but there is no denying the world she creates is interesting and exciting. There have been countless comparisons with Bjork, but this is so much more than a simple tribute act, she manages to build layer upon layer of interesting sounds, ‘The Multiverse Moat’ is a masterclass in off-beats, staggered piano and bowed stringed arrangements, all set against that fairy-like vocal.

If you’ve heard ‘The Human Project’ and are intrigued by the next chapter, or you simply want some music that will show you how music and art can intertwine, give STANLÆY’s world a visit.

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