Break Me –  Hannan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rock music might have made its name through being raw, unkempt, full of swagger and aggression but it can also be slick, built on eloquent musical lines and delivered with the sort of smooth, effortless cool that some bands could only dream of emulating. And this is the musical line that Hannan walk, a balancing act between the base urges of rock and roll at its most primal and the slicker, well-produced and well practiced moves of the modern age. Alt-rock I guess, but also carrying all the hallmarks of the classic riff-a-rama sound and foot on the monitor moves that have long been the foundation upon which the genre is based.

Break Me is one of those tracks which is cultish in its low-slung attitudes and its street-wise groove but also has enough accessible melodies to appeal to the more mainstream audience and that, after all, is the sweet spot, the elusive holy grail. The pick of destiny? Okay, scrub that last one. And there is an art to being able to turn on those who might not normally consider rock as their go to music whilst not alienating the loyal followers. It’s an art that Hannan has down to a fine art.

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