No One Cares –  Elizabeth the Second (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As a calling card for their debut release, the wonderfully named Two Margaritas at The Fifty Five, Elizabeth the Second have sent a swaggering, attitude-drive, groovesome slice of aggressive indie rock out into the world. Following a line back through the naughties and nineties, tipping their hats to The Libertines, The Datsuns and The Strokes, it also echoes with the no-nonsense approach of the likes of The Clash, great pedigree indeed.

That fusion of scrappy garage rock, indie cool and gnashing punk spirit is certainly a winning  combination and, like the aforementioned bands, has the infectiousness and melody to reach the mainstream but the outsider vibe that will allow the movers and shakers to claim the band for themselves too. Cultishness meets commerciality is a fine line to walk and walk it they do. Expertly.

Lyrically it is an impassioned rant, drawn from the experience of being in a band and all the more addictive due to its unbridled honesty. And like all good first singles, it does the job of teasing the listener, creating anticipation for next month’s album release. And if you are in Camden, London on  9th November you might just wish to head to The Unicorn to catch this explosive trio live.

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