After teasing us with the rather special sonic slice which was Sinew in Red, Crooked Ghost finally release their full e.p. and what a great quartet of songs it proves to be. Their core sound is rather unique, somehow combining dreamlike qualities with raw, visceral, rough edged, sounds, somehow both brusque and beautiful at the same time. And those looking for comparisons may look to the likes of The Bunnymen or The Banshees but that can only be a vague place marker in the musical map as Crooked Ghost sound like only themselves.

Black Rainbow kicks things off, sweet, vibrato vocals pushing from delicate deliveries to siren like crescendos as the instruments whip up a maelstrom of shattered sounds and howling sonic winds around Ray Lark’s otherworldly and androgynous deliveries. Sinew in Red balances an exotic, arabesque feel with clattering guitars and drifting waves of sound and sorrow whilst Golden Blue is a carnival of broken sounds.

The e.p. signs off with the gorgeous Bright White Noise, a track which slowly builds from those compelling vocals wrapped in shimmering guitars into imploring cries howling against cavernous walls of noise.

It’s the sound of a band really following their own direction, reference points can be made by lazy journalists such as myself but none of them really help that much. It is the sound of a band deliberately out of step with fad and fashion. It is the sound of something old and something startlingly forward thinking. It is the sound of a band getting things right.

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