There is a strange mixing of worlds going on in the sonic fabric of Jonathan Scott’s new release. It balances the expected skittering trap beats and a lazy R&B groove with some less expected sounds, shimmering harps and cascades of oriental strings but then why not? Why look to the music of the past when you can create the sound of the future? And this strange and beguiling blend creates a fantastic platform, the more gentle sounds softening the edges of the harder grooves.

And then the whole thing, having been smoothed out and turned into a lilting and, in places, lovely  sound, is also finds itself wonderfully at odds with the lyric’s graphic nature. Nothing is held back when it comes to the words, this is certainly not a song for those who prefer their lyrics to be accessible across the board. But such is the nature of urban music, it tells it like it is, and this does so in no uncertain terms.

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